KVM fujitsu-siemens S2-0801, HP 336044-B21

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Samesame, but different software. Same functions.
I Got two of them but one was DOA, so I quickly swapped the internal powersupply DSO-142L and that was the error.

Some of the capacitors on the low-voltage side looks suspicious and I replaced them,
The original was
CapXon LZ vent c422 2200uf,10V
CapXon LZ vent c422 470uf,10V
and two
CapXon LZ vent c420 470uf,10V
I did not have exactly same so I used:
United 2200uF,16V and 3xUnited 470uF,25V
They are thicker but I raised them a little and it fits Ok.
And now my powersupply is working again.

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