PGP encrypted mailinglist – part II

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So, of course it would be nice to have an automatically subject-rewriting that include mailinglist [id].
One way to do this, is to use sed and this already when mail arrives to server.

In /etc/aliases:

crypt: “|/bin/sed ‘/\Subject:\ Re:\ [Crypt]*/!s/Subject:/Subject:\ [Crypt]/’ |/etc/pgpalias/ /etc/pgpalias/config”

And all above on a single row a usual

There is one small issue, that is if sender doesn´t include an subject at all, then there is nothing to rewrite.

Otherwise if Subject: test, it will be rewritten to Subject: [Crypt] test
and if you reply to that: Subject: Re: [Crypt] test it will not add [Crypt] agin.

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